Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
Findbiz services are provided by ICAP through its website Through findbiz, the user is able to (a) have, under subscription, annual access to business information as specified below, (b) purchase sector studies of financial environment, (c) buy a company report.

Right of limited access to findbiz services have all the website’s users. These users can be informed by the content of the services of findbiz and receive some of them, free of charge.

Right of full access and use of business information services have only the clients those who will have paid annual subscription for receiving these services.

Right of access and use of sector studies have only the clients those who will have paid the fee of the sector study’s purchase.


Subscribe to findbiz services
All businessmen and professionals can benefit of subscribing to our business information services provided through our webpage Subject to an advantageous fee, they are granted unlimited access and use of our products, available through our website, for one year. During the continuance of their annual subscription, the supplied business information is renewed, updated and enriched so that our clients could have direct, easy and economic access to current commercial and financial information.

Business Information Services for findbiz subscribers:

Information for more than 1.000.000 Greek and East Europe companies (Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia)

This is a database which comprises information and profiles for companies in various legal forms, such as SA (AE), LTD (EPE), General (OE) & Limited Partnerships (EE) etc. This database enables you to use combined search criteria on the companies, such as zip code, group of activity and sales, so as you are able to create your own lists of companies following your personal style and choice.

Published SA (AE) and LTD (EPE) Balance Sheets
(Avalaible only for Greek companies)

This is a database which comprises:

The Balance Sheets and Accounting Statements of all SA (AE) and LTD (EPE) companies
The Consolidated Balance Sheets and Accounting Statements of Groups of Companies. 
These financial data relate to fiscal years since 1997 and are presented in the form they are published in daily financial press.

You may search for Balance Sheet or Accounting Statement of the company in question, using the following criteria:

Company name
Tax Registration No. 
ICAP code 
Company Registry ID 
Group Sector according to ICAP 
Activity under the registry of NACE 
You may also:

Calculate key indicators 
Associate a group's main company with the Consolidated Balance Sheet 
Have access to balance sheets of previous fiscal years
Print all of the above
Business Connect

This is a special section which enables our subscribers to list themselves ads for the demand or supply of products and services.  In so doing, you may easily promote your own products and services or you may look for the ones you are interested in.

These are Studies of financial environment per section, which analyze the structure, the developments and the prospects on various sections of Greek economy.


Subscription fee for business information services
The annual subscription fee, including all the above business information services through along with a hardcopy of the ICAP’s Greek Financial Directory, amounts to 553 euro plus VAT and are presented analytically at Select Subscription areaThe annual period commences on the date that ICAP sends to the client his personal password.

Price of Sector Studies
The price of every analyzed Sector Study in Greek or Bulgarian language is 576 - 670 euro, including VAT of 23%.
The price of every concise Sector Study in English is 590 euro, including VAT of 23%.
Payment and access
The subscription fee or the price of the Sector Study may be paid electronically by charging a VISA or MASTERCARD credit card of any Bank or a Visa Electron debit card. The client inserts his particulars as indicated in for the issue of the relative invoice, further he inserts his card particulars in a special, transaction-secure location on our website. Within 24 hours of the card's acceptance, the client receives electronically his password for for business information services. As to the purchasers of Sector Studies, they are able to access and save the Sector Study to their own personal computer, within 30 minutes of the acceptance of the electronic payment.

The client has the right to withdraw from the findbiz service contract, without any reason, within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of subscription or purchase of the Sector Study and the relevant debiting his card, provided that until the exercise of the right of withdrawal the client has not proceeded neither to the use of his password, which he will have received by ICAP as a subscriber for the business information services, nor to the use of the ability of access to the Sector Study.

The client, without prejudice to the above right of withdrawal, does not have the right to breach the findbiz service contract, except in cases of infringement of responsibilities on behalf of ICAP related to these services. The client acknowledges that upon receiving his password on the website and upon using this password, even one time, will have already received all of the findbiz services and products. If so, the contract may not be rescinded for any other reason except for the non fulfilment of contractual terms due to ICAP’s fault.

As long as is in operation, we offer support service to clients and users of findbiz services, including response to questions or complaints. Therefore, please contact our consultants on workdays from 9am to 5pm by phone (+381) 11 3219 435, fax: (+381) 11 3219 410, or email:

ICAP has the complete and exclusive ownership of the products which are the object of the findbiz services. The users and clients of are entitled to use the provided services only for their own or internal needs and commit not to disclose to third parties, in whatsoever manner, in whole or partially, under consideration or not, the contents of these products.

As regards the content of findbiz services, the commercial and financial information provided by ICAP may have deficiencies or inaccuracies, due to its huge volume, the required collection and processing time, and their drawing from sources other than press publications, which are not always possible to cross-check. The user and client of findbiz services will accept this possibility, which is a prerequisite for ICAP in concluding a contract for the provision of the related services. Because of the nature of the content of its services, ICAP is not in a position to guarantee full completeness, currentness and accuracy of information, but ICAP supplies its clients with a tool which may be used along with other factors in the decision-making process. Thus, ICAP is not liable for the use and evaluation of the provided services on behalf of its clients, except for the cases of fraud or grave negligence, and in any case the liability is limited to the value of the findbiz service contract.

As regards the operation of the website, ICAP is liable for any possible malfunction and temporary interruption of its client service, only for reasons of ICAP’s fraud or grave negligence. In any other case of temporary and improper operation of the website, including force majeure, ICAP assumes no liability for any claims, demands, damages.

ICAP keeps an archive with data on website's users and clients for the purpose of evidence of the commercial transaction. ICAP will use these data only in order to cover its internal needs without transmitting them, partially or totally, to third parties, unless it is allowed or imposed by law.

The client’s input of his data to for the supply of the ICAP’s services is also deemed to be the client’s consent for processing his data within the scope of the pursued transaction, while the client has the right of access to his data and of objection   to processing his data.

ICAP will use the client's contact details, i.e. electronic address and fax number for the direct promotion of similar products or services or for related purposes, unless the client indicates ICAP by e-mail (, by fax (at (+381) 11 3219 410) or by post mail (at ICAP GROUP SA, 2 Eleftheriou Venizelou Ave., 176 76 Kallithea, Atn: Client Service Department) that he does not wish his electronic data to be collected and used for the above purposes.

For the security of data during the operation of the website, the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol with the 128-bit encrypting is used and it is considered to be the most powerful in securing online commercial transactions. Hence all data which are entered by the users, such as last name or company name, address, sold products, credit card information, are encrypted so that they cannot be read or changed during their transmission on the Internet.

The SSL protocol is a global standard on the Internet for the certification of websites and for the encryption of data among web users and web servers. During the encrypted SSL communication, all information transmitted between the client and the server is encrypted by special software of assignment and decoded by software of acceptance so that the information can be protected during its transmission. All information sent using the SSL protocol is, moreover, protected by a mechanism which immediately verifies if the data have been changed during their transmission.

Winbank Paycenter by the Bank of Piraeus
The winbank paycenter, the secure platform for electronic payments by winbank, allows electronic transactions to be performed when products and services are purchased by using any Visa & MasterCard credit card and Visa Electron debit card.

Winbank paycenter has the following characteristics:

High availability and reliability
Backup and recovery processes
Encrypted communication (SSL 128 bit)
Trusted Third Party certification (Verisign)
Constant operation 24x7, 365 days-a-year
Compatibility with any technological and operational development platform of the electronic store (Microsoft, UNIX, etc)
Increased security through the use of the card verification code (CVV2)
Guarantee of secure transactions in collaboration with the international organizations VISA and MASTERCARD.
Use of Cookies
The website contains cookies, which are text - files through which ICAP's server recognizes the computer of the site's users. Cookies are stored in the user's computer in order to achieve or facilitate the transmission of communication between the users through the electronic communications network.

Cookies only record the site's areas that the user's computer visits during browsing. User may adjust the settings of his computer in order to accept the existence of cookies, be informed when a cookie is being issued or to reject the installation of cookies. In the case that user has not adjusted the settings of his computer to reject cookies, he may visit our website anonymously until he becomes a subscriber.

To surf in the findbiz website you will need Browser: IE 7+, Firefox 10+, Chrome 10+, Opera 10+, Safari 5+.

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